Collaboration Lukassen Engineering

Lukassen Engineering, internationally known for spraying, irrigation booms and transport systems for the horticultural sector, has been working with Trintech since 1990.

Director Twan Lukassen: “Together we have good interaction. Machine building is our specialty. Trintech takes care of the automation and electrical control of our systems. By working together, we bring together multiple disciplines and expertise from construction, mechanical engineering and control technology. Efficiency not only ensures the best results, but also a higher quality of our customers’ products. At the start of a project, we brainstorm and come up with the best design together. We first present this design to our customers. After approval of the sketch design, we further develop the installation in 3D. This allows us to assess in the initial phase whether the solution fits and functions.”

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Modular building

“We mainly deliver custom work based on the modular building principle. Which means that we use standard parts and proven techniques for every machine. We never shy away from a challenge. We don’t actually sell ‘no’, as long as we can solve it mechanically, we come up with a suitable system,” says Twan.

Within the standards

“Because our customers cannot live for hours without a working installation, quality, continuity of the installation and service orientation are of paramount importance to us. To give an example: When we are asked to assemble a spray, watering boom on a poor-quality pipe system, we do not accept the order. In our view, this results in an unstable system, which does not fit our standards.”

Albert van Dam, managing director of Trintech: “Why should customers choose Lukassen engineering? They have more than 50 years of knowledge and experience of cultivation. In this knowledge we find and strengthen each other. In addition, it is very pleasant for us, but certainly also for the customer, that we are an innovative and creative machine builder.”

Project GoniCress bvba Belgium

GoniCress is a joint customer and a good example of our collaboration and out-of-the-box solutions.

Twan: “In connection with the expansion of the new building, the customer asked for two extra spray booms.” Once at the customer, they asked us if we also knew a solution for a lift for plates with cutting material. If it fits mechanically, we can, we gave the customer back. We made a beautiful and easy-to-use solution. Trintech takes care of the automation and electrical control.

Together we get into the customer’s skin

Albert: “In short, our collaboration is important. We always know where to find each other and can complement each other with unexpected customer questions. We also introduce each other to our own customers if there is reason to do so.”

Twan: “We never wear a three-piece suit; the growers don’t like that. Rolling up your sleeves and getting into the customer’s shoes, that’s important!”


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Innovating together with De Nijvis Groep

Nijvis has proven to breed eel in a planned and economically feasible way in recirculation systems (re-use of water). Nijvis owns 3 nurseries, a glass eel collection station and a smokehouse. The nurseries are located in the Netherlands, Germany and Morocco. The glass eel collection station in France and the smokehouse in the Netherlands.

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  • Best practice

20 years of developing and collaborating

Nijvis has its origins in the takeover of the then ailing nursery from PGEM (Provinciale Gelderse Energie Maatschappij). Within a year after the takeover, Nijvis was able to make the nursery profitable again. The company continued to grow and built nurseries and smokehouses in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Morocco. Trintech grew with them. The collaboration between Nijvis and Trintech started almost 20 years ago in 2001.

1st installation in the Netherlands

Albert van Dam, director of Trintech; “We realized the 1st installation in the Netherlands. Back then, still inexperienced with eel farms, we carried out the desired installation 100% according to the customer’s specifications. As the installations and techniques were expanded, our knowledge and expertise grew. Nijvis soon gave us the freedom to develop. William Swinkels, director of De Nijvis Groep, said at the time – ‘It would be great to be able to apply your experience from horticulture to our needs’. That was the order! With the additional remark to keep the risk of failure extremely minimal because failure causes stress. Not only with the customer, but also with the fish. When a fish is startled, it will not eat. This is at the expense of the well-being of the fish and farming. We therefore always choose carefully when we test a pump or make changes to the installation. To stay in terms of Nijvis ; “all for the benefit of the live fish.”

Remote service and ease of maintenance

Trintech carries out and thinks about every project as a total concept. We take care of the entire electrical infrastructure, from the ‘net’ to the last pump, water treatment and control. All systems are linked to a PC with a database. The values ​​from the field can be seen every 5 minutes. Important in this whole is the ease of maintenance.

Eel Farm Morocco

In the event of a calamity, Trintech cannot always be on site quickly due to the distance, such as Morocco. The availability of personnel with the right level of knowledge is often a challenge.

We can assist the customer remotely up to the switch panel. You can view the status of the installation yourself via touchscreens at various locations within the nursery. In the event of an alarm, your own personnel can press the alarm line. A photo of the inside of the installation is then shown, with an arrow indicating which part has failed. The staff on site can solve the problem themselves or make an adjustment.

From simple to best practice

Albert; “We were asked to keep the installation for Morocco, and in particular the operation, as simple as possible. Instead of placing individual switches and meters everywhere, we have centralized everything and brought it together in one PLC. The installations can be visually viewed and operated using touchscreens.

“Once we started the project, we found that too little was being registered. By bringing all data from the various data loggers together in one management tool, we created insight. At a glance, Nijvis is aware of the water quality, oxygen, pH level, etc. The choice to bring all data together in one management tool immediately resulted in an extremely stable installation. This made Morocco, instead of simple, ‘the example’ for the other locations.”

At the beginning of this year, Trintech was allowed to realize an expansion of the eel farm in Morocco.

Collaboration with the Nijvis Group

Albert: “We are currently looking at whether we can further optimize the system together with the customer. Think along in the process and possible optimization. You may say: “We are almost sitting in the customer’s seat.” That’s how it feels! During a project we proactively think about what would be good for the customer. By helping each other we pave the way for the future. We hope to exceed expectations every time.”

We can therefore proudly say that we are the preferred supplier of the Nijvis Group.


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