As a result of a project that Trintech was able to carry out together with Luuktech for Janssen Erdbeerkulturen, the senior technical advisor of Trintech, Gaston Pauwels, held an interview with Erich Janssen, owner of Janssen Erdbeerkulturen.

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From September 28 to 30, Greentech is organizing the high-quality mixed event GreenTech Live & Online 2021.

In collaboration with Vermeulen Kassenbouw from Groessen (NL), we have installed a sustainable heating system for a greenhouse at the secondary vocational school in Doetinchem (NL).
We also took care of the electrical installation and climate control.

Höfler Gemüse in Nürnberg has entrusted us to install hybrid lighting and VentilationJet in their existing 17,000m² cucumber greenhouse.

Today the Trintech employees were able to act in video recordings for our telecom provider Score-Utica.

In this video we were allowed to show how we have integrated fixed and mobile telephony.

We also showed how we use mobile 4G and 5G networks.

We were able to show applications we use, such as mobile work orders and Virtual Reality.

At the beginning of 2021, Trintech encountered Gartenbau Flicker in Vienna. They grow snack cucumbers in 4ha of greenhouses.
Gartenbau Flicker wanted to optimize their irrigation water quality. To achieve this, Trintech will build a ProfiCLEAN Lite rainwater disinfection unit.
By means of UV disinfection, all irrigation water from the rainwater basin is disinfected before the first use. Because a radiation dose of 250J/cm² is applied, the rainwater is completely disinfected.

For Fresh Forward Breeding in Huissen, Trintech was allowed to technically convert a large cucumber nursery into a strawberry breeding company. From a nursery (4ha) with 4 departments to a nursery with 14 departments. Each department has now been provided with the right technical solution by Trintech, tailored to the different phases in the breeding process.

About 15 years ago we met Trintech B.V., then called W.S. Janssen Installation.
We were looking for a partner who could install the heating in the new school greenhouse to be built. We were looking for someone who could provide the air conditioning for as little cost as possible, because education at the time was only moderately endowed with these facilities. Ultimately, Trintech B.V. and Hoogendoorn realized a climate control system that was very modern at the time. Hoogendoorn continued to provide courses in our school for a short time, especially for greenhouse horticulture in Bergerden.

Just 18 days after the official unveiling of the new Hoogendoorn IIVO process computer, Koppe Begonia opted for the IIVO as a replacement for their current computer for their location in Ermelo.

The climate computer at this location was outdated and in need of replacement.

On October 8, Hoogendoorn introduced their latest generation process computer: the Hoogendoorn IIVO.

IIVO offers smart technologies for covered cultivation. A combination of smart software and advanced hardware. This truly unique system is able to monitor and control every greenhouse. This allows you to grow more, of a higher quality with minimal use of natural resources.