Just 18 days after the official unveiling of the new Hoogendoorn IIVO process computer, Koppe Begonia opted for the IIVO as a replacement for their current computer for their location in Ermelo.

The climate computer at this location was outdated and in need of replacement.

On October 8, Hoogendoorn introduced their latest generation process computer: the Hoogendoorn IIVO.

IIVO offers smart technologies for covered cultivation. A combination of smart software and advanced hardware. This truly unique system is able to monitor and control every greenhouse. This allows you to grow more, of a higher quality with minimal use of natural resources.

Heute hat Boss Gemüsebau Trintech mit der Installation eines neuen Chicorée-Anbaus beauftragt. Mit diesem neuen Gebäude baut Fritz Boss einen der modernsten Chicorée-Forcer in Deutschland.

At Trintech, we consider your and our health to be extremely valuable. That is why we decided to take measures aimed at preventing or reducing the spread of the coronavirus. Out of respect for you as our customer / relation, we will therefore suspend all non-urgent personal contacts.

It was wonderful to take part in Betuwe On Stage as a professional and to inspire young VMBO talents to consider a career in horticulture and aquaculture, as well as firing them up for the profession and for our great company.

We recently realised an expansion at the eel farm of a long-standing customer in Morocco, enabling them to continue to meet the growing demand for eel in a sustainable, environmentally responsible way.

Trintech B.V. will be attending this year’s edition of the HortiContact days in Gorinchem as an exhibitor once more. Want to find out what we can do for you in the field of electrical systems, water systems, automation or machine building? You’ll find us in booth K108 together with our partner Luuktech Special Machinery B.V.

In cooperation with Balkan Greenhouse DOO, we will be working on our 2nd Cannabis project in Macedonia, a 3,000 sq.m. indoor facility for the production of medicinal Cannabis.

I recently made the switch from working in healthcare to working in technology. A big step, you might say! True, but it was also the best possible choice I could have made at this early stage in my career.

In my quest for a new job, I found Trintech. I love working here – I have everything I need.