Collaboration Lukassen Engineering

Lukassen Engineering, internationally known for spraying, irrigation booms and transport systems for the horticultural sector, has been working with Trintech since 1990.

Director Twan Lukassen: “Together we have good interaction. Machine building is our specialty. Trintech takes care of the automation and electrical control of our systems. By working together, we bring together multiple disciplines and expertise from construction, mechanical engineering and control technology. Efficiency not only ensures the best results, but also a higher quality of our customers’ products. At the start of a project, we brainstorm and come up with the best design together. We first present this design to our customers. After approval of the sketch design, we further develop the installation in 3D. This allows us to assess in the initial phase whether the solution fits and functions.”

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Modular building

“We mainly deliver custom work based on the modular building principle. Which means that we use standard parts and proven techniques for every machine. We never shy away from a challenge. We don’t actually sell ‘no’, as long as we can solve it mechanically, we come up with a suitable system,” says Twan.

Within the standards

“Because our customers cannot live for hours without a working installation, quality, continuity of the installation and service orientation are of paramount importance to us. To give an example: When we are asked to assemble a spray, watering boom on a poor-quality pipe system, we do not accept the order. In our view, this results in an unstable system, which does not fit our standards.”

Albert van Dam, managing director of Trintech: “Why should customers choose Lukassen engineering? They have more than 50 years of knowledge and experience of cultivation. In this knowledge we find and strengthen each other. In addition, it is very pleasant for us, but certainly also for the customer, that we are an innovative and creative machine builder.”

Project GoniCress bvba Belgium

GoniCress is a joint customer and a good example of our collaboration and out-of-the-box solutions.

Twan: “In connection with the expansion of the new building, the customer asked for two extra spray booms.” Once at the customer, they asked us if we also knew a solution for a lift for plates with cutting material. If it fits mechanically, we can, we gave the customer back. We made a beautiful and easy-to-use solution. Trintech takes care of the automation and electrical control.

Together we get into the customer’s skin

Albert: “In short, our collaboration is important. We always know where to find each other and can complement each other with unexpected customer questions. We also introduce each other to our own customers if there is reason to do so.”

Twan: “We never wear a three-piece suit; the growers don’t like that. Rolling up your sleeves and getting into the customer’s shoes, that’s important!”


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