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In mid-2020 we started converting a 4ha cucumber nursery with 4 departments into a strawberry breeding company with 14 departments.

In collaboration with consultancy firm DLVge, Teunis Sikma and Kees van Miltenburg of Fresh Forward Breeding, water-technical, electrical and heating technical adjustments have been made.

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  • Growlighting
  • Watertreatement
  • CO2 reduction
  • Heating
  • Filtersystems

Conversion of cucumber nursery to strawberry breeding company

A fabric filter, several water treatment units, a drip system and a irrigation water system have been installed for adjusting the water-technical installation. They also made the necessary electrical adjustments. Department panels have been installed with various lighting systems, including assimilation lighting in the cutting department and various LED lighting systems in the test setups.

To adjust the heating, two transport groups with various heating groups are mounted in the sections. In addition, floor heating, pipe rail heating, growth pipe heating and table heating have been installed. A new CO2 installation has also been installed.

These activities are carried out in constant consultation with the clients, since regular changes are desirable for practical or technical reasons.




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